Expression through the creation of art takes you to a place where time does not exist, where you can create anything you imagine, and where you can experience the ultimate sense of freedom. Creation is my passion, my love, and what I truly live for.

I love to capture the beauty i see in all places and all people. A beautiful friend of mine once said something that sticks out in my mind which was... "What a blessing to find a pair of eyes and a beating heart that can squint and see dragonfly wings made of sunrays and eyelashes when looking at the sun too." -Paula

I see so much beauty and positivity in our world and want to share this by expressing it through photography, film, music, and any form of art I can collaborate with.

If life is a dream then i want to create a beautiful tale written by my imagination. I am a traveling goddess on a mission to see the world with a backpack of gear, and a backpack of clothes. Documenting the journey towards my dreams. You are welcome to check the blog at wakeup2life.tumblr.com

Creative Photoshoots, Head Shots, Filming, Editing, On Set Photography, Production, Doc's

Would love to work with you...

Jaime Jhilmil Gianopoulos
LA #: 818 643 9566


Over the past 4 years I have been collaborating with some beautiful people to share a story that truly changed my life, and better yet, woke me up to life.

We have been creating a feature length documentary "A Promise is a Promise." The story of two young boys from Kosovo who survived the trails and tribulations of war. With the arrival of the UN peace keeping mission came Capt. Jonathan Knaul, a Canadian pilot, who would forever change these boys lives. The boys shared their dreams about one day becoming pilots and making it to Canada, a dream that seemed impossible to imagine. But Jonathan Made a promise that he would one day return and help these boys achieve their dream. A Promise is a promise, dreams do come true, and this is a story that will prove this to you.

We are currently finishing up post production and musical rights. The current dream is to enter the film in festivals around the world this year!

We will soon be gifting the film online...passing the inspiration forward...